We just happen to be passionate about coffee
and on a mission to rock everybody’s senses
with our exciting coffee blends.


Our energy, experience and creativity,
combined with nature’s finest coffee beans,
are the ingredients for our unrivalled flavours.
Yes, we share our dreams, ideas & secrets.
Accept each other’s weird- and craziness.
And this is how our distinctive blends arise.

We see opportunities.
Are open-minded but do respect craftsmanship.
We innovate, take risks.
We never compromise on quality and taste.
We select the finest beans nature has to offer
for blending and roasting.
To enrich people’s lives with the most sensational
coffee blends they will ever taste.


The best blenders from around the world came together to create two exciting coffee blends especially for you: BLENDSTAR Gently Roasted and BLENDSTAR Firmly roasted.


BLENDSTAR is not only passionate about coffee, but also about nature, both coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified.


Excite your taste buds and try BLENDSTAR!


BLENDSTAR Gently Roasted is a delicious espresso blend of Arabica and Robusta high quality beans. Because of longer development time during the roasting of the beans, a lovely caramelized chocolate and brown sugar aroma is created, resulting in an intense taste. And thanks to a small portion of the Robusta blend, this delicious coffee boosts a rich and full flavour, perfect for enjoying the entire day.

  • Beans from South America & Africa
  • Warm, deep caramel and nutty flavours


BLENDSTAR Firmly Roasted is a delicious espresso blend of 100% Arabica high-quality beans. Thanks to a brief roasting time at a high temperature, the fresh, fruity and floral aromas are well preserved, giving the coffee a gently aftertaste. The result is a delicious blend, perfect for a well-deserved coffee moment.

  • Beans from the highlands of South America
  • 100% Arabica
  • Intense fruity and floral flavour